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Client: The Outdoor Education Group


Location: Camp Marysville, Marysville, Victoria


Objective: Protect the camp and its buildings from potential bushfires by mitigating the risk with an appropriate bushfire protection system


Site Coverage: 10,000sqm


The organisation The Outdoor Education Group commissioned us to install bushfire prevention system at one of their locations ‘Camp Marysville’. The OEG group is an organisation providing outdoor education camps for school children ranging from grade 2 through to grade 10. They have various locations around Victoria and Australia.


‘Camp Marysville’ is located right next to Marysville State Forest which was affected by the infamous 2008 Black Saturday bushfires. They wanted this system installed to provide further safety against bushfires for the camp should any bushfires arise in the future.

Outdoor Camp
Outdoor Camp
Outdoor Camp

Bushfire Roof Sprinkler System

The core of a bushfire mitigation strategy is installing a bushfire sprinkler system. The buildings that were part of having roof sprinklers were:


  • Dining Hall
  • Main Dining Hall
  • Maintenance Centre
  • Activity Centre and
  • Main Staff Office


These buildings were deemed the most important in order of priority to be saved in the case of a bushfire. Below are some pictures taken on top of some of the buildings of bushfire roof sprinklers with a picturesque background.

Camp Marysville Bushfire Roof Sprinkler
Camp Marysville Bushfire Roof Sprinkler

Bushfire Water Tank and Pump

Each project is unique and thus we take time to formulate a custom design as each site is different to the next. Part of this Camp Marysville project was installing a brand new 65,000 Litre water tank to supply the system.


The pump was installed and encased as you can see below.


Bushfire System in Operation

Here is our manager Nick testing and showing you how easy it is to use the bushfire migitation system once it has been installed.

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