Bushfire Protection in ACT

Planning for Bushfire Season in ACT

The most significant factors that impact bushfire regions are the vegetation of an area that can provide potential fuel load, the topography of an area due to fire travelling faster uphill, and weather risks since prime bushfire weather is hot, dry and windy.


There is generally a higher risk of bushfires for people residing in rural areas and bushland. Although local weather conditions can affect an area’s risk of bushfire at any time, ACT has a peak bushfire season from late spring through to the start of autumn, when vegetation has dried out and areas that experience strong winds become vulnerable.


Although there have been no large scale bushfires since 2003, ACT is considered a high risk bushfire area due to a landscape of eucalyptus forest, bushland and grassland. Caused by a lightning strike, the 2003 Canberra bushfires severely burnt through 70% of the ACT’s nature land, with nearly 500 buildings destroyed and causing 4 fatalities and 435 injuries.

Bushfire Protection Services in ACT

At Victoria Bushfire Protection Services in ACT, we specialise in bushfire prevention and protection systems. We work alongside our clients to provide tailor made bushfire management plans and solutions to protect property from bushfires. 


Since every property is unique, we provide a comprehensive bushfire risk assessment and site inspection. From our professional experience and expert consultation we have found that the installation of a roof sprinkler system is one of the most effective bushfire mitigation systems currently available in ACT


Our experts specialise in custom designed sprinkler systems that maximise water coverage to provide the greatest protection from potential bushfires. The installed bushfire sprinkler systems in ACT are connected to a water tank with a remote starter pump, which can be operated by mobile phone.


We are committed to installing the highest quality equipment from leading manufacturers with a 12-month warranty. After installation, we conduct thorough testing and can provide maintenance and yearly servicing, including a complimentary 6-month check-up.

Projects we can take on in ACT

The following are the types of projects we can currently cater for in ACT:


  • Schools
  • Outdoor Camp Centres and camping grounds with cabins
  • Motels, hotels and resorts
  • Shopping Centres or strips of shops, cafe’s, restaurant, etc.
  • Hospitals or medical clinics
  • Animal shelters or animal care centres
  • Industrial manufacturing warehouses based around fire danger areas
  • Commercial and private farms
  • Farm sheds
  • Large residential properties

Check out our commercial and private projects page for more detailed information regarding the types of projects we can take on in the ACT area. 

If you are looking for bushfire protection solutions for your property in ACT, our local, on the ground specialists can visit your site and provide a quote for bushfire mitigation systems.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with finding the most effective bushfire protection system for your ACT property and how installing a bushfire sprinkler system could save your property during ACT bushfire season.

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