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At Victoria Bushfire Protection Services we specialise in providing high-quality custom designed bushfire protection systems for commercial and large residential properties. We use high-quality materials and do not skimp on costs. Thus our service is not a cheap operation because of the quality we provide. If you are looking for a budget installation, we cannot help you here.


Commercial Properties

We specialise in medium to large commercial operations. Below is a typical list of businesses we service.


Private Properties

Our services is more suitable to larger residential and private properties. Due to the cost involved in providing a quality custom designed service, it usually does not suit most residential properties.

Commercial Projects

The following list provides an example of the projects Bushfire Protection Services are available to take on, it is not exhaustive but gives an understanding of the scale of our operation and whether we can provide a service suitable for you. 

Commercial, including government and council, projects we service:

  • Farms, livestock farms – medium to large
  • Wineries and vineyards
  • Education centres including childcare, schools and tertiary education buildings
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Libraries, toilet blocks, playgrounds and other council buildings
  • Shopping centres, shops and eateries
  • Industrial manufacturing warehouses
  • Public transport provisions and infrastructure
  • National Park facilities, camping grounds and outdoor education camping centres
  • Sporting facilities
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Animal shelters or animal care centres
  • Telecommunication operations e.g phone towers
  • Medium to large farms and farmland
  • Hotels and resorts

The Outdoor Education camping centres and the Greyhound Adoption Program animal care centres are an example of commercial bushfire protection projects we have undertaken in the Victoria area. Below is a brief overview of the scope of those projects, you can click on the project link or head to our projects page (in the menu bar) to see some of our projects in more detail.

The Outdoor Education Group

The Outdoor Education Group provides outdoor education camps for school students. We were commissioned to install bushfire prevention systems on two of their locations, Camp Marysville situated 90 minutes from Melbourne and Camp Jungai in the Rubicon Valley, 2 hours from Melbourne.

The Outdoor Education Group wanted to focus on a number of buildings that could potentially be affected by bushfires.

Camp Marysville consisted of five main buildings; the dining hall, main dining hall, maintenance centre, activity centre and the main staff office.


Camp Jungai consisted mainly of three complexes; the maintenance shed, main office/dining hall and the activity plus accommodation centre. The Camp Jungai project features in our headline video on our homepage.



The Greyhound Adoption Program 

Victoria Bushfire Protection Services was approached by Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) to install bushfire sprinkler systems at two of their greyhound adoption centres.  The Seymour site is approximately 90 minutes north of Melbourne and Mount Mercer situated 90 minutes west of Melbourne.


The Greyhound Adoption Centre in Seymour was a large farm comprising a total of 5 buildings; 3 large sheds housing the greyhounds awaiting adoption, a main office building and the house the managers of the program live in.


The Greyhound Adoption Centre in Mount Mercer was a medium-sized farm consisting of a single building that contained the main office and the dog shed.


Private Projects

Victoria Bushfire Protection Services is currently undertaking the following private projects:


  • Large residential property
  • Private Farms


Kinglake Residential Farm

The private residential project at Kinglake, Victoria was for a residential farmer who owns and runs a farm. Kinglake is located 56km north-east of Melbourne’s CBD. This bushfire protection project was to safeguard the 40m x 20m maintenance shed that houses the valuable farm assets used in his day-to-day work.



Large Residential House

This residential bushfire protection project was a large privately owned  property located in Mount Dandenong an hour just outside of Melbourne.


The Dandenong Ranges is considered a high bushfire risk area and the owners wanted to ensure their beautiful home nestled in the bushland would be safe from any potential bushfire in the area. 


These are just some of the projects we have completed. We can provide a quote either in person or virtually using our aerial view program depending on your location. Please see our services zoning page for more detailed information and regarding our expanded operations to other states.

Victoria Bushfire Protection Services is proud to provide bushfire protection solutions to customers living in or around bushfire areas. We look forward to working with you. 


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