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How to Prepare for a Bushfire

Bushfire Sprinkler in Marysville Victoria

There are certain areas where bushfires are a common occurrence. This is one of the regions where bushfires happen without prior warning. As a result of the bushfires, you may end up with property destruction. It is important to have systems in place to mitigate such disasters as soon as they strike. One of the best options is having a bushfire sprinkler system on your property. Naturally, it is almost impossible to predict when bushfires would occur. Working with our experienced experts, we will help you with preventing bushfires.


In most cases, when bushfires start, strong winds can cause them to spread extensively across a wide area. The embers they have may end up landing on your roof, car, gutters, and other parts of the property. If this happens on flammable surfaces, you will have a serious disaster. It is important to get ready in advance with the right bushfire protection systems. Our trained specialists will assess your property and determine the right equipment to install on your property. By choosing to deploy effective water sprinkler systems, you can help manage bushfires.


We are a professional company that can help you with the best bushfire prevention systems. Each property is different and this is why we strive to offer custom solutions for commercial properties and residential homes. Talk to us today and let our experts assess your property so as to determine the best systems that would work on your property.

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If you live in Melbourne or especially in rural Victoria, then you will agree that bushfire cases are quite rampant. We are proud to offer the latest bushfire sprinkler system for your home or commercial property. Talk to us to request a quote and start protecting your investment from bushfires.

Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Bushfire Protection Areas We Service:

Zone 1Victoria (around Melbourne) – we come out in person for assessing the project to formulate a quote, these areas include, please also refer to the map below:

  • Melbourne
  • Gippsland (mainly west and south)
  • Yarra Ranges (Healesville, Marysville etc)
  • Great Ocean Road (from Geelong to Lorne area)
  • Central Victoria (including Bendigo)
  • North West Victoria (certain areas)


Zone 2 – Outer Victoria, NSW, SA, and QLD

Refer to map below. Presently, our HQ in Melbourne. If you are in zone 2 then the following is how we assess the scope of works needed for you property:

  • Quotes can be generated via our arial view programs with client’s (you) guide on what system you want, which buildings you want covered, amount of sprinklers, water tanks size and locations, etc. Each property is unique and thus requires an individualised assessment
  • Once our quote has been accepted by you, then we’ll come out to inspect the site before any works begin


Victoria Bushfire Protection Services is in partnership with Primeline Group.

Together, we are Victoria’s premiere bushfire prevention team servicing the whole state of Victoria especially in the high-risk bushfire areas. Now we are expanding in NSW, SA, and QLD.


We specialise in outfitting a comprehensive custom designed bushfire sprinkler system to large properties including farms, community centres, schools, and commercial properties amongst others.

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