Our Comprehensive Bushfire Protection Service

As a premium bushfire protection service in Victoria, we provide comprehensive solutions for protecting your property from bushfires. No matter how big your property is, our expert team will assess the risk and install a bushfire mitigation system tailored to your requirements.


Our bushfire protection solutions comprise three main components:


  1. Sprinkler Systems
  2. Water tanks
  3. Water pump


Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

When it comes to protecting the building from a bushfire, the most reliable solution is to install a roof sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems have the advantage of stopping the progressing fire in its way, well away from the buildings, sheds, and other structural components of the property.


There are mainly three types of sprinkler systems that we install depending upon the size, type, and structure of the property:


1. Impact Sprinkler Systems

An impact sprinkler, otherwise known as an impulse sprinkler, is a kind of sprinkler system in which the spigot head rotates around a bearing on top of its threaded connection nut driven by water pressure being emitted. These systems are commonly chosen for bushfire protection because they are affordable and require minimal upkeep while providing coverage up to 35m!


Their long spray radius and even distribution simulate natural rainfall, making them ideal for bushfire safety measures. They are usually installed top centre of commercial building roofs and follow ridgelines on domestic homes.



2. Curtain Sprinkler Systems

As the name implies, Curtain Sprinkler Systems form a barrier against flames in fire-captured areas so that they will not spread to non-fire-affected ones. These systems are employed both commercially and domestically, consisting of powerful sprinklers mounted around walls, windows, roofs or ceilings which spray water at great force when triggered by heat during a blaze. This system is highly efficient at preventing extensive destruction as it effectively limits the reach of any fires it detects.

This sprinkler system is what we used at our Mt Dandenong project. The house was covered with drop-down tails around all the eaves of the home, which turned into a curtain-type sprinkler when activated.


3. Perimeter Sprinkler Systems

The third type of sprinkler system we install is the Perimeter sprinkler system. This is essentially a sprinkler system that encircles the perimeter of your property, farm, business, or whatever else you may have. It’s equipped with several sprinklers that spray water to douse any approaching fires from outside the area. Clients who own large areas with multiple buildings and structures situated far away from each other typically request the perimeter system. It protects your property by targeting the surrounding region near the perimeter, creating a protective water barrier against any wildfires that attempts to pass through it.


An example of Perimeter Sprinklers being put into use is helping critically endangered animals in Kosciuszko National Park by the sprinkler system being fitted to the enclosures.


Fire Hose Reels

In addition to the sprinkler systems, we provide our clients with a more versatile bushfire fighting solution in the form of fire hose reels. These are usually installed in visible locations for easy access in an emergency situation. The fire hose reels are typically made of a flexible yet strong enough material to handle the pressure of the water it carries. They are available in different sizes and can be equipped with an adjustable nozzle for greater accuracy when fighting fires.

Clients who require a more hands-on approach to fire prevention can find security in the knowledge that they have a much stronger deterrent against fires with these fire hose reels. Fire hose reels are also ideal for putting out fires in hard-to-reach and remote areas of the property.




Which Roof Sprinkler System Should You Get For Your Property?

Ultimately, the decision of how many protection systems to install on a property is up to the client or organisation in terms of design, cost, and budget. However, if desired, there are options for three-fold security solutions that could provide extra peace of mind.


Work with our experts at Victoria Bushfire Protection Services when designing a bushfire fighting system for your property. Schedule an on-site inspection with us (for some areas), and we’ll advise you on the best protection systems to suit your needs.  With our experience in fire prevention systems and bushfire mitigation, you can be sure that your property is in safe hands. 


RHINO Water Tanks for Bushfire Protection System

For any bushfire protection system to successfully fight off any fires, it is essential to have access to a reliable water source – waters tanks, dam, or both. That’s where water tanks come in – they provide the perfect storage solution for all the water needed to combat a bushfire.


But just like every property is unique, so are the needs for water tanks. We understand this and have a range of options available to ensure you get the best solution for your property. Our bushfire protection experts can install several types of water tanks with capacities ranging from small to large sizes.


A Water Tank Installed in our OEG Marysville Project


Professional Base Preparation

Installing a water tank is not as simple as it sounds. It is a complicated process that involves professional preparation and specialist installation procedures. When you partner with Victoria Bushfire Protection Services, we will ensure that your water tank is installed correctly. We can handle everything from compaction, levelling, and selecting the preferred base material.




Floating Ball Sensors for Backup Protection

Bushfires are stubborn and unpredictable, which is why we provide an extra layer of protection for your water tank. Our tanks come with a floating ball sensor that can detect the water levels in the tank and trigger a secondary pump at a nearby dam, river, or another large source of water to fill the tank up. When the tank is full, the ball will detect that and switch off the pump. This way, in the event of a bushfire, you can rest assured that your tank will never run out of water.


Not Sure Which Tank to Choose?

If you are unsure about the water tank capacity you need, our experts can help! With years of experience working in the bushfire protection sector, we can assist you in selecting the right tank for your property based on factors like the size of your property, terrain, area climate, and expected bushfire intensity.


At Victoria Bushfire Protection Services, we provide you with the peace of mind that your property will be safe and well-protected. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and get the perfect water tank that will make sure you are ready to fight any bushfire that comes your way.


Here are all the different types of tanks we use from RHINO tanks. They start at 25,000L and go up to as big as 360,000L!


Contact us to learn more!


Davey Remote Start Fire Fighting Water Pump

For any bushfire protection system to be effective, it has to have a super-reliable water supply system. Victoria Bushfire Protection Services offers the Davey Remote Start Fire Fighting Water Pump as part of our bushfire mitigation system. As a leading pump manufacturer in Australia, Davey provides the highest quality and reliable self-priming petrol pumps.


Capacity and Mounting Options

The water pump is incorporated with a Honda iGX270E motor with a 6-litre fuel tank. This makes it possible for the pump to run for approximately two hours at 3600 RPM under full load. The pump is installed in a concrete pad and comes with a breathable Colorbond box for easy servicing when needed. 


We also offer an option to mount the pump on a mobile frame so that it can be stored away during the winter season and set up again when the summer returns. Our experts can also provide customised solutions if you require additional features.




Remote Start\Stop Feature

The Davey Remote Start Water Pump allows home and property owners to start the pump remotely via SMS, even when they are away from the premises. If a site has multiple pumps installed, the system has the ability to start and stop each pump separately. This ensures that water from tanks is used more efficiently and only those areas of the property are targeted that are being affected by the fire.


The access to start or stop the pump remotely can be made available to multiple people on their individual phones. This makes sure that there is no single point of failure in case the home or property owner is non-contactable, resulting in enhanced safety of the people and buildings.



This is our Manager Nick testing an installed bushfire mitigation system after completion in Marysville.




Heat Detection Sensor For Enhanced Safety

During natural disasters such as bushfires, it is a real possibility that mobile towers are down and thus mobile phone connectivity in the area, and the pump cannot read the text message signal sent out. This is where a heat detection sensor comes in. The heat sensors we offer with our Davey water pumps can be installed anywhere on the property and will trigger the pump to switch on once they sense heat from the bushfire. 


This provides an additional layer of protection to the people and the buildings in the vicinity by making sure that the water supply to the property is not interrupted, even when there is no mobile phone connectivity in the area.



Our Comprehensive Repair, Maintenance and Check-up Services

At Victoria Bushfire Protection Services, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service throughout your system’s lifespan. Our team is always available to provide immediate repairs and maintenance if any component of the system fails or needs servicing.


If you require any parts to be replaced or upgraded, our experts can help you select the right one for your system. We also offer regular maintenance services that will ensure that your bushfire mitigation system is always running smoothly and efficiently.


Yearly Servicing

We service the system once a year, usually before the bushfire season with the first service being free of charge which is noted in the original installation quote. A set fee will be charged for annual services after the complimentary service.



It is recommended that a service to the pump be done before the start of the summer season including a battery check, changing the oil over, clean the filter, and changing the petrol. Also, to test the sprinkler system via a remote start app and make sure all sprinklers are functioning. It’s also recommended that the system be started once a month throughout the year so that the pump can work it’s engine.


Warranty and Call outs

Victoria-Bushfire-Protection-Services-12-month-WarrantyDAVEY services all breakdowns with anything to do with the pump. Davey Pump comes with a 12-month warranty. They also attend to call out services after this period if a part needs changing over or attending too.


Other than the pump, we provide a 12-month warranty on everything else that’s part of the installed bushfire sprinkler system.


Better safe than sorry. Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our friendly professionals. You can call us on the below number for a chat, or alternatively fill out the contact form and someone will contact you back.


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