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There are certain areas where bushfires are a common occurrence often without prior warning. It is important to get ready in advance with the right bushfire protection systems in place to mitigate such disasters as soon as they strike. Naturally, it is almost impossible to predict when bushfires would occur. Working with Victoria Bushfire Protection Services our experienced experts, will help you with preparation and prevention of bushfires.


There are currently various funding opportunities available throughout Australia to assist you with accessing the best bushfire prevention system for your property. The following options were available for application at the time of writing.

Disaster Ready Funding

The National Emergency Management Agency 

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is offering The Disaster Risk Reduction Package and The Disaster Ready Fund. 

The Disaster Risk Reduction Package provides funding to reduce the risk and limit the impact of natural disasters on Australian communities and economies. Funding for state, regional and local risk reduction activities is available through states and territories. Further information about the Disaster Risk Reduction Package, including links to state and territory grant programs is available on NEMA’s website: https://nema.gov.au/programs/disaster-risk-reduction-package.

The Disaster Ready Fund Australian state and territory governments are eligible to apply in Round One. Each state and territory has nominated a lead agency who has responsibility for coordinating proposals in their jurisdiction, and submitting applications to NEMA.  A list of lead agencies is available on NEMA’s website: https://nema.gov.au/programs/disaster-ready-fund/round-one. Please direct all inquiries to the relevant lead agency.”

   –Disaster Ready Fund Team, National Emergency Management Agency.

Foundation And Grants

Funding and grants for assistance with disaster prevention and preparation are periodically available for eligible funding and proceed through application rounds.


Government grants can be state specific and all relevant information regarding the grants, eligibility and their application process are available on their websites.


There are other opportunities for funding such as through philanthropic organsations.

Government Grants

Philanthropic Grants

National Australia Bank (NAB): NAB Foundation Community Grants


Funding and grants come and go throughout the year and are often not well advertised. We recommend keeping an eye out for your local government opportunities or checking regularly for availability. The funding and grants information provided above were some of the available options at the time of writing.

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