Bushfire Protection Installation Process

At Victoria Bushfire Protection Services, our years of experience, competitively-priced solutions, and dependable customer service ensure that your property will be protected from potential bushfire risks as much as possible. We specialise in custom designing and installing bushfire roof sprinkler sytems with added options to help safeguard your property.


We understand that preparing for a bushfire can be daunting and complex which is why we offer comprehensive consulting services to make sure you have the best solution for your property. From start to finish our experienced team will guide you through the process and provide you with the most effective bushfire protection system for your property. Our bushfire prevention experts will assess your property and give customised advice.


Are you interested in Victoria Bushfire Protection Services undertaking a bushfire protection project with you but are uncertain as to what is involved?


This is a common question we get asked, so below we have outlined the quotation process for you, so you can have a better understanding of what it entails from initial contact to the commencement of works to handling over ‘the keys’. 

Order of Process

  1. The first step is going through our website, particularly the bushfire sprinkler system services section. Then you can call us to find out more, get your questions answered, and discuss the costs involved. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form below and one of our experienced professionals will get in touch.
  2. Next is the initial quotation stage. If your property qualifies, then you can request an initial quote. We do this via our online aerial programme, which will enable us to present you with an estimated cost for a tailored bushfire protection system that meets the requirement for your individual property. If you are in Zone 1, which is within a few hours driving distance of Melbourne, we do offer an in-person quotation option at a cost (This will be waived if you decide to proceed with the project). If you are in another state, we have local representatives.
  3. Next is onsite visit. If the initial quote is to your statisfaction and you wish to proceed, then the next step is to book in an on-site visit. A site visit is charged out at a rate depending on where you are located within the state. Again, this is waived once you proceed with the installation.
    If you have a large site which requires a site inspection, we may need to undertake a site visit prior to providing an initial costing estimate. We will organise a date and time to come out. There is a call-out fee, and this fee will depend on where the project is located and how much time is needed to spend there.
  4. Work commences. Once both sides are satisfied, we can now commence works which involves our equipment to be transported to your property along with our personnel. The call out fee is waived once work commences.



Choosing Victoria Bushfire Protection Services as your bushfire protection provider you can guarantee our team of experts have a wealth of experience in the bushfire protection industry. Get started on your bushfire management plan and contact us today.

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