The Greyhound Adoption Centre | Seymour Project

Bushfire Prevention Project Details

Client: Greyhound Adoption Program


Location: Greyhound Adoption Centre in Seymour. A farm with multiple buildings and sheds housing greyhounds that are up for adoption


Objective: To protect the greyhounds from bushfires that could potentially arise in the bushland nearby


Work Description: Installation of a bushfire sprinkler system connected to a large water tank and remote start/stop system covering five buildings


Site Coverage: 10,000sqm



Victoria Bushfire Protection Services was approached by Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) to install a bushfire sprinkler system at one of their greyhound adoption centres in Seymour. It was a large farm comprising a total of 5 buildings, including:


  • 3 x large sheds housing the greyhounds that are up for adoption
  • 1 x main office building
  • 1 x house where the managers of the Greyhound Adoption Program live in


The client wanted a state-of-the-art roof sprinkler system installed at the farm to protect the greyhounds housed in the sheds from potential bushfires that may arise due to its proximity to nearby bushland. Seymour is an area that was affected by the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009; the client wanted to be sure that the greyhounds and their caretakers were well-protected.



Bushfire Roof Sprinkler System Installation

We began by inspecting the property and assessing the best possible solution for mitigating potential bushfires. Our bushfire protection experts considered several factors, such as the size and location of the property, the proximity to bushland, the type of buildings and the amount of water required to cover all the buildings effectively.


After careful consideration, we installed an elaborate sprinkler system on all buildings and sheds. The sprinkler system was connected to a large 65,000-litre water tank to ensure sufficient water was available to fight any fires. The materials we used were of the highest quality, as we wanted to make sure that the sprinkler system was robust and reliable even in extreme weather conditions.


Our experts connected the sprinkler system to a remote start/stop system so that it could be activated or deactivated from anywhere and would automatically send updates via SMS on its operation, no matter where our client was.


The project also involved the installation of heat sensors around the property to ensure that the sprinkler system would turn on automatically in the event of a bushfire, even if there were no communication from the remote start/stop system due to network issues or a dead battery. Thoughtful contingency plans like these incorporated in the main system design gave the GAP a durable, reliable and secure fire protection system.


Bushfire Prevention Installation Completed

Once the roof sprinkler installation was complete, we tested the entire system repeatedly to ensure it was working properly. Our experts thoroughly tested the water tank, pumps, sprinklers and heat sensors to ensure that there were no issues with the system.


Our fire protection experts also checked and verified the SMS alerts to make sure that they were being delivered on time and resulting in proper operation. We also provided GAP with on-site training so that they could use and maintain the sprinkler system themselves. After the final inspection, the system was commissioned and ready to go.



Successful Result!

The Greyhound Adoption Centre Seymour Project was a complete success. It gave the Greyhound Adoption Program peace of mind knowing that their animals and their caretakers were safer than ever from any potential bushfires.


Victoria Bushfire Protection Services is proud to have been a part of this project, providing the highest levels of fire protection to an invaluable client with whom we did another bushfire protection project in Mount Mercer as well.


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