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Camp Jungai Bushfire Roof Sprinkler System Project Details

Client: The Outdoor Education Group


Location: Camp Jungai, Rubicon, Victoria


Objective: Protect the camp and its buildings from potential bushfires by mitigating the risk with an appropriate bushfire protection system


Work Description: Installation of an impact sprinkler system on a number of buildings along with the provision of 3 x water tanks, one for each complex. Installation of individual water pumps for each tank with a remote start feature


Site Coverage: 12,000sqm


Victoria Bushfire Protection Services were contacted by The Outdoor Education Group (OEG) to undertake another bushfire mitigation project, this time at Camp Jungai in Rubicon, Victoria. Being a popular destination for school students, the camp is not available to work on except during school holidays. We took on the challenge with a tight deadline of two weeks to complete the entire project.


The outdoor camp at Jungai is a sister camp of another one located in Marysville, just 45 minutes away. The area has seen bushfires come close over the years, and The OEG wanted to ensure that the bushfire protection measures implemented in Marysville were also available in Rubicon.


Project Scope

The Outdoor Education Group wanted to focus on a number of buildings that could potentially be affected by bushfires. The camp consisted mainly of three complexes that had to be protected:


  1. Maintenance shed.
  2. Main office/main dining hall.
  3. Activity & accommodation centre.
Outdoor Education

On-Site Inspection and Bushfire Planning

After thoroughly inspecting the campsite, our bushfire protection experts created a day-to-day plan to complete the work within the timeline. However, there was another challenge that our bushfire experts had to overcome. The campsite was located on sacred indigenous grounds, so excavation works for underground piping had to be kept at a minimum.


To cater to this, our experts decided to provide individual water tanks for each complex instead of having one large tank with underground piping supplying water to all buildings. This would ensure that digging and excavation were kept to a minimum.


Installation of Roof Sprinkler System

After finalising the plan and getting approval from the client, we began our work in earnest. We started off by installing sprinkler systems on all the buildings. We decided to go with the impact-type sprinkler heads to ensure maximum coverage in case of an emergency and ease of maintenance.


To ensure adequate water supply to the sprinklers in time of need, we installed three water tanks, one for each complex. The main office/main dining hall and the activity & accommodation centre each had a 25,000-litre tank, whereas the maintenance shed was provided with a 20,000-litre tank. All the tanks were mounted on a 150mm crusher dust-compacted base and retained by timber sleepers all around it to avoid any possible shifting during stormy weather.


To pump water from the tanks to the sprinklers, we installed Davey water pumps for each tank with a remote start feature. This system would allow the camp managers to switch the pumps On and Off individually at a moment’s notice as each one of them is saved with a unique name, e.g. “Fire Pump Main Office” in their phones.


We arranged for an external water supplier to fill the tanks to capacity for this season. There is also a river and a dam near the campsite that is filled with water all year round. For future needs, the camp authorities have an option of installing a secondary pump-to-pump system to tap water from the river or the dam.


Testing Bushfire Sprinkler System

We conducted various tests and trials during the project to ensure everything worked as expected. Camp managers were also trained on how to operate the fire pumps and what kind of situations require intervention from an external bushfire-fighting team. After several successful test runs, we handed the camp back to the happy client well on time!


The Final Result

The Outdoor Education Group at Camp Jungai, Rubicon, can now be assured of the highest degree of bushfire protection with a sprinkler system connected to their own fire pumps and individual water tanks. With this project, the camp managers have been empowered with the tools to mitigate the risk of bushfires on their premises, and school children can now enjoy the great outdoors in a safe environment.


Victoria Bushfire Protection Services is proud to have safely and successfully completed this important bushfire protection project, providing peace of mind to the students, teachers and staff at Camp Jungai. Don’t forget to check out another bushfire protection project we did for The OEG at Marysville.

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