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Understanding Insurance in Bushfire Risk Regions

At Victoria Bushfire Protection Services we have been working alongside insurance companies to gain a greater understanding for the needs of our clients who are struggling to get insurance cover due to their location in certain bushfire prone areas.

Some insurance companies only offer minimal cover for businesses and private properties in bushfire regions and often charge excessive fees which then continue to increase annually. Some clients have had trouble getting any type of insurance at all, and had to go overseas to find bushfire insurance.


Our understanding to date is that insurance companies are offering substantial yearly premium reductions and greater insurance cover to a business if they can provide a bushfire sprinkler system that can help protect the buildings and assets of the business. 

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This is where our experienced Victoria Bushfire Protection Services professionals can supply and install the necessary bushfire sprinkler system that insurance companies are either requesting, or prefer to see installed due to the unpredictable nature of bushfires.


This was one of the reasons we came to provide bushfire mitigation services for The Outdoor Education Group and completed two projects with the group. Without the bushfire prevention systems installed by Victoria Bushfire Protection Services, the OEG could not find suitable insurance cover they needed and would have been much harder to continue the excellent education programmes they run.


Businesses and homeowners reach out to us to discuss, plan and install custom fitted efficient bushfire prevention sprinkler systems on their property not only for insurance purposes but to hopefully save the main buildings covered if a bushfire were to come through. At the end of the day for businesses, the greatest financial loss comes from the amount of time that the business is unable to operate if anything was destroyed in a fire.

Our Commitment

As part of our continuing commitment to providing the best service we can, we meet with insurance brokers to gain further information of the types of insurance and potential savings available for you the client.

If you are residing in, or operate a business in a bushfire region, contact us today via the phone number below, to discuss how a bushfire mitigation system could assist with your insurance cover and premiums. 

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