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Bushfire Prevention Project Details

Client: Greyhound Adoption Program


Location: Greyhound Adoption Centre in Mount Mercer


Objective: To safeguard the greyhounds from bushfires that may arise in their surrounding area


Work Description: Installing a sprinkler system with automated start and stop functions, connected to a large water tank, for the shared office building/greyhound shed


Site Coverage: 3,000sqm


Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) reached out to Victoria Bushfire Protection Services to install a bushfire sprinkler system at their centre in Mount Mercer. This medium-sized farm comprised a single building that contained the main office, and the dog shed.


To ensure the safety of the greyhounds residing in the shed, our client requested a roof sprinkler system be installed at their farm to effectively prepare for any bushfires that could arise from neighbouring bushland. Mount Mercer is a region that experiences particularly dry and hot summers, so it’s prone to high temperatures and spontaneous bushfires.

Bushfire Roof Sprinkler System Installation

Bushfire Risk Assessment and Site Inspection

To provide an effective solution, the experts at Victoria Bushfire Protection Services conducted a thorough risk assessment of the property and surrounding areas. Following this, we recommended installing a series of sprinklers connected to a large water tank and then connecting them to a remote operating system. This would allow the GAP staff to turn the sprinkler system on and off remotely, as well as adjust settings.


Our experts also took into consideration the size of the shed and its layout to ensure that all areas were adequately covered. We also assessed the required water pressure, flow rate, and total water volume needed to protect the property effectively. Once our risk assessment was complete, our experts inspected the property and its surrounding areas to determine the best position for the water tank.

Bushfire Sprinkler System Installation

After carefully creating the plan and discussing it with the client, we went ahead and installed a roof sprinkler system in the main building, which held both office space and the dog shed. This fire-fighting set-up was connected to a large 65,000-litre water tank for added assurance that there would be enough water readily available in case of any fires.


Our experts integrated a remote start/stop system with the sprinkler system, allowing it to be managed from anywhere and providing automatic SMS notifications regarding its operation. This enables the occupants of the property to operate and monitor the sprinkler system while staying at a safe distance should a fire arise.


To provide complete safety, heat sensors were installed around the property to prompt a response from the sprinkler system in case of an emergency bushfire. This way, even if there were no connection with the remote start/stop application because of network difficulties or dead batteries, protection against potential bushfire damage would still be ensured.


Rook Sprinkler System and Water Tanks Installation Completed

After the installation, we ran multiple tests to guarantee that everything performed up to par. Our specialists conducted comprehensive examinations on the water tank, pumps, sprinklers and heat sensors – verifying no problems with this system whatsoever!


Our bushfire protection experts also verified the efficiency of SMS alerts to guarantee that they were sent promptly and triggered proper operation. Moreover, we provided GAP with on-site training so that they could utilise and maintain the sprinkler system independently. Upon passing a final inspection, the system was commissioned as expected, completing its installation effectively.


Another Successful Project

Installing this sprinkler system provided the client with peace of mind and security against potential bushfire risks. Knowing that their property and the greyhounds are safe from fire damage allowed the client to keep doing what they do best: taking care of those fast-paced canines!


All of this was possible thanks to our bushfire protection experts from Victoria Bushfire Protection Services, who provided a customised bushfire protection solution that specifically catered to the client’s needs. Don’t forget to check out a similar project we did with the same client at their farm in Seymour that comprised five buildings, including a house, a central office, and three dog sheds!

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